How to install plugin in OSClass

AIOSClass Plugin
Install plugin in OSClass

In this tutorial we have explained, How one can install a plugin in his OSClass website. The documentation is specifically for the AIClassy theme, You can check on other themes as well.

Download the plugin in zip format and upload it through ftp in your web directory.

  1.  Decompress plugin folder in oc-content/plugins folder of OSClass installation. Once the decompression is completed you will be able to find it in your plugin from the admin panel of the OSClass.
  2. Log in to admin panel of OSClass.
  3. Click on plugin button on left side menu.
  4. Install your plugin from plugin list.

That’s all you have to do.

If you like to disable the plugin just go to plugins from your admin panel and you will find a disable button, Click on disable and your plugin will be no longer active on your site.

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